Saturday, August 22, 2009

brief list of tunes

the only k.d. lang song I ever heard when I was 12 because I happened to be listening to the right radio station at the right time, 'summer fling,'

hot town, summer in the city, Boston love boiling away

a slow, sultry strut of Janis Joplin into 'Summertime', and Sublime's ska-rap bump

walking around in our summertime clothes with Animal Collective (technically)


1 comment:

Barbara Lorraine said...

Sometimes I wish I could have your iTunes on my computer, just for a day.

I'm a little confused by the "Add!" at the end (seriously, I reread this over and over hoping to have some light shed; possibly I am just dense and tired). Illumination?

Totally know what that's like, by the way, happenstance song discoveries. Good job Fee.