Sunday, November 23, 2008

Session One

Okay folks, let's have some fun. The first session has begun, and all writing should be posted by next Sunday, November 30. That's right, you've got until the end of November to eke out some small (or large) bit of writing. Let's do it to it.

TOPIC: As much as things seem to stay the same, we have recently managed to undergo a significant change in the US, hopefully one that will beget positive change for the future. Change is no surprise; as Remy noted in Ratatouille, "Change is nature." Change is part of the natural order of things, a nearly unchangeable constant. The element to watch is the rate of change, which was the historical aspect of the Obama election. Undoubtedly we would have ended up, eventually, with a president of color; what people did not expect was to have a president of color "so soon." At the same time, as we saw in California with the passing of Prop 8, sometimes the change we expect to see, the change we are ready for, does not come when we call for it.

Please submit your thoughts not on change, but on how change happens, the rate at which it happens, the things that influence change and make it inevitable. Your thoughts do NOT have to be about Obama, or Prop 8, or any of the examples I mentioned. Unless that's what you want to write about, in which case, please do so! :-D

(Don't worry, they won't all be this droll. I'm just nervous, and eager to get the first topic out of the way.)

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