Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Session Fourteen: Topic for 06/30 - 07/05

All right kids and cadets, we've had plenty of time to add to the story chain, and since there are no takers, I think it's high time to move on to a new topic. (As always, however, you're free to post whatever you like, so if you DO end up with a continuation to the story, by all means, post away!)

Now that the internet and I have been reacquainted, here's a late topic, one to wave out June and welcome in July.

I'm sure you've all heard of Post Secret: postcards are sent to the proprietor of the site, who posts a select few on a weekly basis. These postcards are riddled with secrets, confessions, admissions, ideas of that sort. Some are hilarious, and others are terrible, but in theory, they are all honest anecdotes belonging to real human beings. These are real happenings, but they are only small snippets belonging to what must be a bigger picture in at least one person's life.

Visit Post Secret this week and write a piece inspired by one of the postcards currently on display. As the images won't be there forever, make sure to let us know, either at the beginning or the end of your piece, which secret you chose. If your secret isn't told in words (sometimes the postcards contain only images), be sure to describe the card to us.

I know it's a holiday weekend, but I do encourage everyone to make even a small, short, unpolished submission. I know it's daunting to put up a piece you may feel is unfinished or subpar, but a scrap is better than nothing at all, and the nice thing about a scrap is that it leaves a lot of room for development. Endless possibilities and all that jazz.

Enjoy the fireworks, compatriots! To those of you out of the country, have a nice weekend anyway.

Pencils and keyboards at the ready!

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