Sunday, January 4, 2009

Session #6: 1/04/09 - 1/11/09

Welcome to 2009! You may have noticed a dearth in writing in the past week which included the absence of a weekly topic. This is because Mod 1 was quite ill and Mod 2 was traveling, and between the holidays and the two of us, well, nothing got done. It's a new year though, which provides an excellent excuse for a new start, so here we go with a new topic!

We will actually move forward with our exercise by looking back at what we've done. We have all produced our fair share of writing, both on the blog and in the world beyond the blog. As fruitful as it would be to continue with new works, sometimes the best way to encourage growth is to go back to an unfinished piece and complete it, to find something old that can be made newer, better, and stronger with the experience you've garnered since it was last touched.

Revise an older work, preferably from the blog but otherwise something you've done in the last two years. Provide us with a link either to the original blog post or to the original text, for comparison's sake (how can we comment on a revision when we don't know what's been revised?). Go after your spelling and grammar, but don't shy away from making radical changes. A revision doesn't need to be a final draft, it just needs to be different.

Auld lang syne, all that jazz. Let's do it to it.

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