Sunday, May 31, 2009

Session Thirteen: Topic for 6/1-6/7

We here at Using Our Words post our posts at a very distinct time of the week: the last two days. Whether this is through extensive revisions, editing, procrastination, business, or whatever, the fact remains that we almost always have five or six empty days of posting, leaving only the product of our writings shared at the end and no idea of each-others processes or timelines.
Therefore I propose that most entertaining of high-school writing assignments: a story chain.

The basic idea is for you, the writer, to read the story thus far this week, spend ten to twenty minutes composing the next paragraph/transition/section/sequence/whatever and post it. Make sure to continue on the part of the story posted just before you, and do whatever you would like. Embrace the story, add elements, kill off characters, turn a romance moment into a gunfight intro, have characters wake-up suddenly, realizing everything so far has been a dream, add a narrator, or whatever. Go with your gut instinct and get your thoughts down quickly—you don't want to spend an hour writing the next section only to find that someone else has written and posted while you were on your third revision—if you want to tighten a section, post it and edit to let others get the substance of the post so they can start composing the next. Finally, feel free to post as many times as you would like, the more the better. You can even add onto your own if you want.

Now, I'm not sure how well this format will work in the blog, but we will see. To keep things organized, start off your post with a number, denoting which post you are in the sequence of the story. Also, put both Session Thirteen and Story Chain in the tags so everyone can find everything as they like.

Since I am choosing the topic, who ever gets to it first gets to set the scene. Begin!

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