Monday, January 19, 2009

Session #8: Seriously, let's write already

You may have noticed a lack of writing on this writing blog in the last few weeks. This is as much on the mods as it is on the non-mod writers (because we, too, are supposed to write) but we, like you, don't want to be the only ones doing it. So, here's the assignment.

I am extending Mod 2's assignment from last week. I am also extending MY assignment from the week before last. Additionally, I am reminding everyone that you always have free rein to write whatever you want, as long as you're posting something. Anything. Write a poem for Mod 2, or a revision for Mod 1, or whatever the hell you want to write without our guidance. Just, write something and post it.

I want to see posts this week. Not just from some of you. From me. From Mod 2. I want to hear from people who haven't written a single thing yet. This blog is certainly not your top priority, but it is a good exercise, and the best way to keep it from being a chore is making it a part of your routine, something that comes as naturally as checking your email, logging on to Facebook, or wasting time on Wikipedia. I realize that part of the problem is that I've fallen behind in MY responsibilities--I haven't sent out the weekly email, for example, in a while, and I haven't been good about commenting, as I said I would be.

Well here's the trade-off. By Wednesday, EVERY story that has no comments on it, will have a thoughtful, insightful (one would hope) comment from me. By next Sunday, all stories posted for this topical week will have the same courtesy extended to them.

So, man up! Let's get this show on the road.

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