Sunday, May 17, 2009

Session Eleven: Topic for 05/18/09 - 05/24/09

Hello world! This is Orvis, your brand-spanking new Mod #3!

Last week's topic, the idea of the story with a single-character focus, is right up my alley. I'm a story-teller and that is what I love to do. I was so excited to be able to really sink my teeth into the topic. However, as is evident by my lack of a post, time got away from me. Little things got in the way in my massive, ridiculous schedule (still in classes, studying abroad in Australia), pushing back when I was going to write, further and further away from plausibility. In the end, I completely ran out of time and I did not finish what I really wanted to do, instead favoring that which I didn't really have the same passion for in what time I had.

Why did I do this? Is something wrong with me or is this the human condition?

Time is finite yet always replenishing. Each day one makes choices in how to spend it. This choice is the theme. How do you choose? What happens to corrupt your choices? Why do you want to do something specific in your time on earth?

By the way, I punched this in a bit early because I'm 14 hours ahead of the east coast. Finish up what you've got or just keep working on last week's topic or just make up something. Remember, these topics are meant as helpful suggestions.

Now get writing!

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