Sunday, January 25, 2009


So, I have a sonnet and a villanelle, both first drafts. Extremely corny. I'm working on them as sort of goodbye-gifts for the baristas at the Starbucks near my work, because I go there every workday, and I'm kinda gonna miss those kids. And you know. It's nice to show appreciation blah blah blah here are the poems. (Also this is post #42 on the blog so MOD 1 FTW)


The drink is secondary to the smile--
Twelve dollars daily builds up an addiction,
But my baristas make it worth my while.

With aprons tied and black hats set in style,
They know that at the bar and in the kitchen
The drink is secondary to the smile.

Their rapt attention to the coffeephile
affirms, with every visit, my prediction:
That my baristas make it worth my while.

The syrups, teas and lattes in my pile
of cups kowtow to only one restriction.
(That the drink is secondary to the smile.)

Their legendary service won't beguile
A fervent Coffee Beaner into switchin'
But my baristas make it worth my while,

So there is neither doubting nor denial of
The simple truth I tell in my depiction:
The drink is secondary to the smile,
But my baristas make it worth my while.


I've been here every week since last September,
And while I have a dodgy memory,
I'll do my best, from now on, to remember
The names of those who've been so good to me:

Miguel and Shandra, Chris, Karem, and Jake,
Tomas (long gone), and Natalie, and Megan,
Then Robert, and then Adrian, and Becky,
Alicia, Patrick, Andrew, Sean, and Steven.

They labor at the daily coffee grind;
The service is impeccable, at worst;
At best, there is no better in my mind,
And in my heart, this Starbucks is the first.

There will be other coffee shops, it's true,
But none compare; they aren't ever you.

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Me riam said...

i am constantly amazed by your starbucks addiction. sorry, nothing to say about the poetry. but, like, do you eat? or do you just spend 12 dollars a day on insanely fructosinated drinks? well, yknow, everyone's been all enthused about the whole "caffeine prevents dementia" i guess you're doing yourself a favor.