Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So, WTF is up with UOW? (An Answer)

I've gotten a few questions about the status of this blogging exercise, since it's been quite some time since we've seen any activity. Here's your answer, laid out in all its explanatory glory.

THe primary issue is that both Mods have been bogged down in their lives outside of UOW. I planned and executed a trip to New York (where, incidentally, I'm writing from), and Mod 2's had a lot on her plate with school and work and possible traveling of her own. Personally, I also felt pretty guilty about falling behind in commenting on everyone's work, as I think it's unfair to ask people to make an effort if I'm not going to offer something in return (like feedback). This is supposed to be a side project, and if we don't have time to run it the right way, then we just don't have time and shouldn't do it half-assed.

That doesn't mean we're shutting down; a temporary hiatus is what's at hand, that's all. Frankly no one I've talked to has had time to write for us anyway, and I'd rather pick up again when we can have at least 3 posts per weekly assignment (that's at least 3 people posting a week, mind you). My thoughts: we'll leave off until April (which is still a busy time for students, I know, but that's always gonna be true. Students are busy!), which will give Mods 1 and 2 time to sort out what we're doing with UOW. It'll also give me time to organize the site in a more navigable manner--sidelinks archiving the weekly categories, for example, and adding sections showing who's been writing what, to make it easier to track our writing and our progress and whatnot.

I do want to thank everyone for their participatory efforts up to this point. The fact that we even got to start this thing is a happy thought in my book, and I'm glad that people have had such positive responses to the blog.

See you all in April!

-Mod 1

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