Thursday, May 21, 2009

Posted on time?

Sleep. Wake up. Shower. Eat. Huffington Post/Associated Press. Rachel Maddow. The Daily Show. Random television episode and/or movie of the day. Warcraft 3. Random book. Exercise. Run. Rinse. Repeat.

I want to do it all (and more) but can't. I usually try to maintain a small routine but even that is subject to change as I may sleep in or go for an early run. Choosing what we do with our time can be a huge issue and would be made much easier if we lived on a planet with...56 hours of daylight. Maybe 60. I figure that'd be enough time to do all we want.

Of course, if we're looking to determine what makes us individually decide what we spend our time on I'm sure it boils down to tastes and moods. Sometimes I'm in the mood for enlightenment; so I'll watch a preachy episode of South Park to get the gears going. Other times I want to argue with someone so I'll yell at my computer while listening to the sheer lunacy that is Glenn Beck. I can't really put into words how or why I choose to do the things I do; I suppose it just comes to me whenever it does.

Of course, life is like that. It's just a matter of the choices we make that determine how the small time we have in this universe is played out. While I have a world of goals I aim to achieve (like learning to kick ass on the Harmonica), that can all change on a whim.

Kind of like how I just stopped typing for about half an hour to read a book on my bed.

Time is what you make of it. Just like Fate. Do with it what you will.

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Barbara Lorraine said...

I like the almost-monotonous listing that you utilize. It's very scheduled, very "this is my life." Suggestion: tighten the main narration to sound more like a monologue, so that we move from your listed life into the private world of your head.