Thursday, May 28, 2009


It may not be entirely true to the topic but it's about a towel. That counts doesn't it?

A bit of a fuss to dry us
After a hot

Blue in its hue,
Comforting shade of Cotton
No wonder Arthur took you to the stars.

Everywhere and no where,
Intimately close,
Wipe the sweat off my brow,
You're the only one to see me now.


Can you whisk me away to Mars?

*Edit* Blogger doesn't seem to let me format the text how I want it. So let it be known that this doesn't match my original creative intent. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

1 comment:

Barbara Lorraine said...

I don't know what you mean about this not being true to the topic. It's totally on topic, hombre! I wish I could see the original formatting, it's always awesome to see the author's "true intent" :-P

This is so playful and sweet! I'm imagining a children's book illustrated by Maurice Sendak (like The Night Kitchen, but not terrifying or full of references to the Holocaust. More so in that your narrator is naked).