Monday, September 14, 2009

mr. bench:

Slightly off-topic, perhaps, but it's a decision and confrontation I'd like to make.

In my recent late night commutes back home, when the 30 or 40 minutes of bright halogen headlights in my eyes has passed, driving through downtown Sierra Madre is completely deserted. Except every now and then, after I drive past Bean Town, there is a man sitting on a public bench on the sidewalk, typing on his laptop. What is he doing? Why 2:30 in the morning? Where is he getting his free wi-fi?

To my fellow bloggers I make my solemn vow: Next time I see this man, I'm going to ask these questions, and I will report back with the results.



Barbara Lorraine said...

Fee, get the results already, I'm dying to know! This is the sort of thing that should happen to you all the time.

Luis said...

Hmmm, sounds intriguing but be safe!

Geoff said...

This does sound really interesting, but also vaguely unsafe. Please be well and report back with crime-free news!

Fee Doyle said...

I'm still waiting, but I think I'll be alrighty. Most folk in Sierra Madre are pretty harmless, even if it does turn out he's watching porn. You'll know when I do.