Saturday, June 6, 2009

13-04: Story Chain Part 4

The world grew dark and Vincent was sitting at his computer. He was chained to the desk, each chain link the outline of a smiley face. He was switching between two windows, talking to his friend about Wal-Mart conspiracy theories in one and playing 3D Foosball 2009, using his wrist flick joystick (Just Like a Real Foosball Handle! (TM)) when waiting for a response. With each flick, a peanut butter cup appeared. After a couple minutes, they began multiplying with each flick. Another minute later, they began piling on the floor and multiplying by themselves, among the cats that had come to investigate. A minute later the piles were getting dangerously large and the cats were getting violent. They began biting at Vincent's Shoes and clawing and climbing the chocolate peanut-butter mounds. The cups were piling dangerously high and the cats were getting dangerously close to toppling them. A popping sound started in the distance, getting louder and closer as the piles became larger and increasingly covered in increasingly angry cats. One pile finally fell and began toppling the others, creating a chocolatey, growling, angry avalanche of horror. The cups and cats seemed to turn their gravitational attention toward Vincent, just when there was a deafening POP and Reese appeared right beside Vincent.
"We're getting you out of here!" he yelled, melting the chain with something from his pocket and pulling Vincent free. With another mighty POP, Reese and Vincent disappeared, leaving the falling, furry towers crashing in on the desk, crushing the computer and joystick under the tremendous weight of chocolate, peanut-butter, and angry felines.

Vincent groaned awake, the world jostling back in forth. After a minute the world came into focus and Vincent found himself slung over Reese's shoulder, being carried over distinctly unfamiliar ground....

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