Friday, June 5, 2009

13-03: Story Chain Part 3

But before Vincent could make a decision, there was a distinctive POP sound that pulled his eyes away from Reese.

He had turned to the opposite end of the street where a small cat-like figure was rummaging through an open trash can. At least, cat-like in the sense that it was small, slender, and had what appeared to be a short tail that wagged about endlessly.


There was that sound again! Vincent quickly turned around, only this time, where Reese had originally been walking.

But where had Reese gone? He could still smell the stale chocolate and peanut butter in the air but couldn't make out Reese. In fact, it seemed like he was having trouble identifying his surroundings. It didn't feel like he was standing on a sidewalk, nor could he see Smiley Convenience's smiley face adorned store sign.

The pavement, the street, the parking lot, the chocolaty, peanut buttery smell; all of it was turning into a blur as Vincent found himself falling face first into the pavement...

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