Monday, November 2, 2009


I started this blog because Lindsay wanted an excuse to write more often. Even though she never had the time to post (she was a VERY busy lady, actually), and even though I know we go through our no-post cycles, the truth is, I never would have shut this site down, because you'd never know when she'd decide to spare a minute and share something beautifully crafted with the rest of us.

Lindsay Leonard was hit by a car yesterday evening while crossing the street. The street was apparently badly lit, and she and her roommate had been crossing behind a bus, so it's really no surprise that the driver couldn't see them. The driver did stick around and cooperated with the authorities. Lindsay's roommate is currently in the hospital in critical condition. Lindsay was killed instantly. They say she felt no pain.

Whenever you write, I hope you will write something she would have loved.

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